Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting ready for the new Codex

With the new space marine codex not far away, I am excited to see how the new marines fit into the codex. We all know that the primaris marines seemingly got a new rank exclusive to them. However, after I saw a video of someone reviewing the new book, I noticed that Lieutenants were no longer exclusive! How exciting.

Non-Primaris Lieutenant

I know everyone's all excited for primaris marines, but I already have a massive collection of mini-marines. I'm not super eager to run out and buy a million more space marines. So I was quite pleased to see some of the new cheese found its way into my realm. I immediately set to converting a captain I never used into a Lieutenant. Demoted!

 The new Lieutenant

Freehand detail

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  1. Nice looking Lt., especially the free hand painting! That's an ability I'm envious of...