Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Red Corsairs Showcase

Welcome back to the blog! Today we will take a look at my incredible chaos army in all it's dark glory. This is long over due, so let's jump in!

The Army

The whole thing is about 5000pts. last time I counted, but I think that included various upgrades to the units. 

From left to right we got:

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
some Daemons of Khorne
Nurgle, and Tzeentch
A Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance
A Pretty awesome Maulerfiend i'm very proud of
A single Obliterator (poor guy)
Couple of rhinos that I haven't quite finished all the magnetic components for
20 of my 25 Chaos Space Marines
Five of my eight Chaos Terminators
Various commanders
Havocs with missiles and a banner
A unit the Chaos Raptors (my personal favorite)
20 of my 50 cultists

Not included in the picture, but will hopefully be added eventually is a Heldrake, Chaos Knight Titan, a few more commanders, and the aforementioned missing units.

Huron Blackheart leads his warband!

I'm quite proud of the paint job on these guys. I can't take credit for assembling some of them as a good chunk of them were a gift. Also the Screamers, Bloodletters, and Plaguebearers were painted by my good buddy Zac! He's a fantastic painter, and dare I say, my protege. Although he was mostly self taught and can probably paint better than me now! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! More to come.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting ready for the new Codex

With the new space marine codex not far away, I am excited to see how the new marines fit into the codex. We all know that the primaris marines seemingly got a new rank exclusive to them. However, after I saw a video of someone reviewing the new book, I noticed that Lieutenants were no longer exclusive! How exciting.

Non-Primaris Lieutenant

I know everyone's all excited for primaris marines, but I already have a massive collection of mini-marines. I'm not super eager to run out and buy a million more space marines. So I was quite pleased to see some of the new cheese found its way into my realm. I immediately set to converting a captain I never used into a Lieutenant. Demoted!

 The new Lieutenant

Freehand detail

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lt. Varras Rescue Mission Update for 8th Edition

So I figured it was about time to update the Rescue mission for 8th edition. I've made some small changes to the rules to improve balance.

Custom rules for Lt. Varras

Varras starts out inside a bunker. The bunker cannot be destroyed. The bunker is placed 1" outside the center of the enemy deployment zone. The Rescue player can choose for Lt. Varras to leave the bunker in any movement phase. Lt. Varras must leave the bunker on turn 4. Lt. Varras counts as having been disembarked from a vehicle on the turn he leaves the bunker. Once he leaves the bunker he cannot re-enter the bunker. Lt. Varras must be in the Rescuer's deployment zone when the game ends to count as having been saved. If the enemy army successfully kills Varras, the mission is over and the rescue has failed.

You can modify the winning conditions for a campaign by including Major and Minor victories. Major victory can be scored for the "enemy" player by capturing Varras instead of killing him. You can apprehend Varras by moving any a minimum of 3 infantry models within 1" of Varras. Less than 3 infantry models can only attack varras in close combat. While Varras is apprehended, he moves under the control of the "enemy" player. Varras is captured if he ends the game within the enemy deployment zone.

If you have this old model laying around, fix it up and play a game with it! Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A weapon to surpass METAL GEAR

Hey, welcome back! Just a quick update about my Ultramarines today. As I was painting the backlog of tactical marines I have accumulated, I got the idea to turn some of the extra guys into combi-plasma toting Sergeants. Combi weapons got a lot better in the new edition, so I figured it was time to convert a couple and add them to my marines.

Just a plasma pistol glued to the top of a bolter

I think it looks pretty alright. I can't wait to use them in my lists as I progress into 8th edition.

Detail shot of helmetless Sergeant

I also managed to collect Sergeant Chronus, thus completing my collection of Ultramarine characters.

Full sweep

Can't wait to play some more 8th edition!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Update on THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to strip paint.

So last March, I posed about how I was stripping paint of some old models for a new paint job. Well i've discovered something VASTLY more effective than both Simple Green AND Pine-Sol.

"Burn ya eyes right out ya head,
skin gon slide off like a wet sock."

Glove up for this shit, because we're making models new again. Previously, I had a batch of space marines I had scrubbed like mad after soaking in pine-sol for nearly a week. It got most of it, but the most stubborn green paint in the recessed regions would not get off with all the elbow grease in the world. However, after being exposed to this stuff for 24 hours, simply melted away. Incredible! I highly recommend this if you are looking to get rid of the most stubborn acrylic!

My Ultramarines

Waaay back when I started collecting, I didn't know anything about this hobby. All I knew was, I liked Space Marines. To me, a Space Marine was a dude in blue power armor mowing down Orks, because that's what you did in the game "Space Marine."

Luckily for me the starter box for 40k had all of these things. So I decided to learn to play with my buddy Paul.

I never got the Orks painted.

My first few games consisted of my friend and I guessing at what stuff did since neither of us really understood the rules. He played Eldar, and sometimes Tyranids, (I learned Tyranids are somewhat of an arch enemy of the Ultramarines) and I played my small force of Ultramarines. Since the size of the games we played were mostly limited by how small my army was, I set out to expand my force.

My first addition

Of course I had to get more of the BIG guns! I couldn't wait to get home and start working on more marines.

I've repainted 98% of these guys lol

Naturally my excitement had me talking about the hobby with some friends from school. And soon after I managed to acquire some second hand models from my friend Ben who use to play when he was younger.

We mech'd up now boi

Pretty soon afterward Paul was digging up his brother's old Space Marine army and I was adding it to my collection one piece at a time.

That sand table got sand ALL over my room.

By now I knew I had a duty to restore and paint every model that found it's way to me, and use them to defend the realm of man from xeno and heretic alike!

The bulwark

Today, I have nearly the entire Ultramarines 2nd company, and with the addition of a few more marines and maybe a couple of predators, my Ultramarines collection will be complete. Can't wait.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Paint-O-Thon Recap

So Zac and I decided to meet up last month for a Paint Jam. The idea was to paint our entire backlog of models. Obviously a much too ambitious goal to actually attain. However, decent progress was made despite the inevitable burnout that would ensue.

The only time I allow unpainted models on my table

Zac hooked me up with the airbrush and I set to work base coating my Storm Talon gunship. I didn't want to coat the whole thing blue since I had a fun opportunity to easily paint in different colors. What I ended up with was a three color design i'm quite happy with.

I chose grey for the cockpit.

I taped off the back end with painters tape and painted half the tail fin white.

I'm really happy with how the blue and white turned out. I'll post again when I get the thing finished.

I also had some old Khorne Berzerkers laying around.

Now for the stuff that actually got finished. I wanted to paint a Blood Raven since I've been playing Dawn Of War III like a madman.

Yes, that relic boltgun was a "gift" from the ultramarines.

"I'm with stupid."

Lastly I managed to finish up two chainsword guys for my command squad. All in all it was a pretty fun time. Zac got quite a few things painted too. Anyway, thanks for reading!