Sunday, April 2, 2017

What I would change about Space Marines

Often times when i'm playing or pondering 40k I notice a cool piece of equipment or model that just never gets used. For me, it's fun to think about what I would do if I were the guy writing the rules. How could I change that to make it worth its points?

Marnus Calgar, Lord Of Costing Too Many Points

So first I'd like to say how I think this is an awesome model. I'd love to take him in more lists, but two factors often leave him on the shelf. First, he costs like a million points. I get it, he's super powerful, but does he really need to be approaching the cost of a primarch? Second, he is a "Lord of War." A really stupid decision by GW in an attempt to give him a perceived majesty that he doesn't live up to. How would I change him? Cut that point cost! You might be saying, "but then he would be way too powerful for his cost." You're right. I would probably change his rules too to bring him in line. Maybe a rule to reflect his "tactical genius" instead of the lazy "extra doctrine" rule. In conclusion the high cost of entry for this guy leaves a lot to be desired, especially since he is one of the coolest Ultramarines you can field.

Assault Marine with Combat Shield

Next up is the combat shield. This thing looks sweet, and it really hacks me off that it's so under utilized. Given that it only grants a 6++, for the cost of a melta bomb, there is no choice to be made. The melta bomb is a better buy. However, one simple change to this piece of wargear would make it vastly superior to it's current state. Make it a 5++, for 15 points. Chaos Space Marines have access to a similar piece of wargear called an "Aura of Dark Glory". If the combat shield became the loyalist counterpart to the Aura, it would immediately find a place in my lists.

The Plasma Pistol and Chainsword

The chainsword is one of the most iconic weapons of Warhammer 40k. However, I often find it's performance on the table to be consistently underwhelming. Why GW would choose to make the chainsword have the exact same weapon profile as a plain old knife is baffling. Some squads even allow you to swap a bolt pistol for a chainsword. Why would you ever do this? You can pistol whip someone in combat with the same weapon profile as the chainsword. So nothing of value is gained from swapping. My solution? Give the chainsword something that would distinguish it from the common fodder of melee weaponry.

Pistol upgrades in general don't seem to be very points efficient. Due to their limited range, you often only get to use them once or twice per game if you're lucky. My change here would be to allow their use in combat. So when you buy a special pistol, you get the duality of a ranged and combat weapon.

Company Banner

Another case of, "really cool model, vastly over costed." Banners in general are awesome to behold. So it's a real shame that they cost so many points. In the rules these things have a ton of special rules. I think this is exactly what the problem is. Just give the banner one or two cool rules and make it like 5 points. I honestly could care less what it does, if it looks cool for cheap, i'm probably going to take it.

Extra Armor

 Last but not least on the list of pet peeves in the Space Marine codex is the "Extra armor" upgrade. You would think that this adds some kind of armor value to the tank, or maybe it doesn't allow the armor value to be modified in any way. Nah, it just makes it where you don't get "crew stunned." Pretty useless in a game of hull points. I would change this upgrade to reflect its namesake. Perhaps granting an extra level of armor to the tank? Just a thought.

Well, that does it for this post. These changes would be great in my opinion but feel free to disagree. Stay tuned for more posts! More to come!

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